Probate Law

About Probate Law

After the passing on of a loved one, most of a par of the assets will need to undergo probate. This process is not only complex but may take months to complete especially without the right probate law attorneys.
And to make the process even more complex, you’ll also be dealing with the loss of your loved one.
At Leonard Law, PLLC, our attorneys will skillfully make the process simple, less complex, and fast. Even better, we’ll provide professional advice on the best options to share and administer the estate.

How Will a Probate Law Attorney Help?

  1. Prepare all court pleadings on time
  2. Handle all court appearances thereby lowering costs
  3. Keep you in the know regarding all the legal proceedings
  4. Locate all the assets of the deceased, probates and non-probates
  5. Oversee the payments of final bills and debts
  6. Take charge of all bank accounts
  7. Handle all tax issues
  8. Collect life insurance payout
  9. Manage retirement plans

Can I Manage Probate Without Attorneys?

Yes and no. Though it’s possible to handle your probate, the process will take too much time.
The complex probate process requires an experienced attorney who knows the laws and regulations. You need a probate law attorney who knows what documents to send and how to speed up the process.

Problems with the Probate Process

With the attorneys at Leonard Law, PLLC, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that all problems will be sorted. And while taking every step, we’ll put your family’s wishes and goals first.
Though yours may be straightforward, there are some probate processes full of complications and obstacles including:
  1. Tax disputes
  2. Probate disputes
  3. Lack of adequate funds to settle debts
  4. Financial disputes
  5. Unfinished contracts
  6. Will ambiguities

Probate Law

1. Wills

2. Trust

3. Estate Planning